Saturday, 4 January 2014

White Juan, Jr.

We were hit with quite the storm Thursday evening and Friday. We are a province acclimated to snow, but this one was a doozy; extreme cold temperatures (think around and beyond -20C with windchills nearing -40C; -4F and -40F, respectively) and high winds created an absolute mess outside. It was to the extent that the LC was closed (yay, snow day!) and buses were pulled off the road, which happens very rarely.

Photo from The Windsor Star

I work today, am taking tomorrow off, and start back at school on Monday. I'm excited to get back while simultaneously wishing I had had more time to relax over the break, but c'est la vie. Ponies cost monies.

In the mean time, I am aiming to head to the barn on Sunday, so stay tuned for some photos of snow and furry yaks horses.

I imagine some of you are heading back to work or school after the holidays as well, so I hope everyone survives their first days back.


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