Thursday, 16 January 2014


I haven't done much by way of actual updating recently. For one, school is kicking my ass, and two, I don't have much to write about.

I got up to the barn the weekend before last, but didn't do much more than visit with Kev and give him his Christmas gift (review to come!). I went out and saw little Mex, and FORGOT treats. Ohmygosh, how awful. That's probably the first time in years that I've gone out to see her and not brought her a little somethin' somethin' to continue bribing her affection. I'm sure she was both shocked and insulted.

My favourite mama, Stella.
The next time I was able to get out was this past Tuesday. I visited Mex a bit (ample treats this time) and then pulled a mammoth of a mane for a horse who may be bidding the farm farewell. My good-friend-turned-barn-buddy K came up too, and her (grey) horse was insanely dirty. He would NOT roll in the snow for fear of staying just a tiny bit clean, but now that it's mud, he's all for it. It was about 10 degrees (~50F) so he got a sponge bath as a reward for his efforts.

The mares.
When hanging out with Mexi I noticed that she has some rain rot again - @#%^!* horse. This seems to be a common theme with her and I am not a fan. Hopefully homework won't be too heavy this weekend so I can go up and work on that a bit. I'm going to chuck a blanket on her too... her days of being a wild, free horse are limited...

Enjoy the breeze in your coat while you can!


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