Sunday, 16 February 2014

Not So Comfortably Numb

Best laid plans, right?

When I posted on Monday, I had all these plans to go ride this week. I had been suffering from some jaw/tooth pain the week prior, but over the weekend it seemed to lessen... or at least be well controlled by a rotation of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Monday night, however, took a turn for the worse.

Long story short, I have seen a few doctors and a few dentists, and I've been diagnosed with TMJ (the jaw issue) and an infection in a molar (the tooth issue). I have some suggestions to relieve the TMJ pain, and I had a root canal on Friday to take care of the infection.

Thankfully, I am feeling a lot better now. While I will require several follow up visits, the root canal seems to have alleviated the pain I was suffering. This pleases me immensely as there isn't a real "fix" for TMJ, had it been causing the bulk of the pain.

There are a surprising number of tooth pain memes out there...

I'm feeling almost normal now, and eager ready hesitant to head back into a hella busy school week (for which I feel super unprepared and behind because of my time off).

All that to say that I haven't been riding since I was there last week, and it doesn't look promising for this week. Boo urns!

Please send me good vibes that I get through this week alive... and hopefully have time to ride next weekend!


  1. Ugh so sorry that happened to you. Sending good thoughts that you get well/back to the barn soon!!

  2. I have severe TMJ as well and am constantly frustrated by the fact that there really is no cure. My dentist told me that the worst case scenario is surgery but that many TMJ Patients do not even find that as a solution. I meet with a specialist soon (if I ever find one in my insurances network) and will probably have to go to physical therapy. I am trying to figure out what that would even entail! For now I live in the land of bite guards (yes I have 2 to alternate between - it is any wonder that I don't have a boyfriend?) and advil. Wear the bite guard if you have one or if your TMJ is grinding/ clenching related! It sucks but it does seem to help me some - though clearly not solving the issue as my dentist is in a tizzy about how rapidly mine is progressing :/

    Sorry for the novel!

    Bummer about the Root Canal :( Feel better!

    1. Oh that sucks. I hope you can find a good specialist soon!

      Since my root canal, my pain has reduced drastically. Thankfully, most of my pain seems to have stemmed from the infection.

      I have noticed a lot of tenderness in my jaw which I'm crediting the TMJ with... my dentist wants to get me a bite plate but I have to wait until they're done working on the infection. Otherwise they'd have to continually adjust it. Not sure if it's from grinding or clenching. I don't think I grind, but I may clench. I've been very conscious of how I hold my jaw lately and my habit is to have them resting together. They say you shouldn't but it's hard not to!

      Also, I can't technically take advil (or any ibuprofen) because it's hard on the stomach, and I've got a billion problems there already. Hopefully a bit plate will take care of it for me because I went on some prescription anti-inflammatory and it wreaked havoc on my stomach.

      Anyway. I challenge your novel with a larger one, ha.

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    1. Thankfully I'm feeling mostly normal now!

  4. UGH! Tooth pain is the worst! I HATE going to the dentist! I am soooo sorry for you :-(

    1. Yeah I hate it too. My boyfriend is worse though... I can't even mention it without him getting the heeby jeebies.

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    1. C'est la vie! I'm bound to have good luck with my health eventually, haha.


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