Friday, 7 March 2014

March Break

Well, after a gruelling day including calculus and statistics midterms, I am a FREE BIRD for a week. Our spring break is more "March Break", in line with a lot of grade schools in the province. I think maybe cause our professors/teachers are in the same union as grade school teachers?

Either way, it's been a long time coming and I am so excited it's here. I don't know what I'll do with myself without stacks of homework!

I have opted to live on the wild side and not fill my week off with work, so I am planning on spending a lot of time at the barn. I actually have some fun news, but you'll have to wait until Sunday for that.

I haven't been able to ride at all this week, mainly because of school, but hopefully next week makes up for it!

For lack of other relevant content, I have hidden the idea of some spring schooling shows in the depths of my brain. These are completely dependent on A) school (how often I'm able to ride), B) weather ( often I'm able to ride...), and C) finances. I'm not planning on all of them, but I'd like to get to a few if possible!

- Sunday, April 27th
This one is about half an hour away, and the fact that it's on a Sunday makes it very accessible for me with work. In theory, this would put it high on the list, but it's also only 7 weeks away and I haven't ridden my horse in... well, let's not talk about that.

- Sunday, May 4th
Another Sunday show, yay! And this is only about half an hour away. At eight weeks instead of seven (realistically only a handful of extra rides but it makes me feel better), this is probably a good contender.

- Saturday, May 24th
This one is over an hour away and not really in consideration, but I figure it can't hurt to write it down.

Hmm, less shows than I thought. There was another semi-local one but I just found out they're doing jumper courses only, starting at 0.75m so I won't be going there... yet. There are also two gold shows in May (~A shows), but I'm not holding my breath there. Not only do I not expect to be ready, but they're also a fair bit more expensive than schooling shows.

There are more possibilities during the summer, but I'll hold those off for another day. Right now, let's just focus on conquering spring.


  1. Enjoy your break and I do hope you get to show!

  2. Yay for positive show thoughts!!

  3. Ooooh! Shows! Are they a part of the NSEF or are they listed somewhere else?


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Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love hearing from fellow equestrians.

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