2014 Overall Goals
Established January 1st, 2014

  • ride more (which realistically is just "ride" given the past few years)
  • blog consistently (this is supposed to be a training journal, after all!)
  • get "riding fit"; get down to pre-thyroid weight
  • maintain GPA (first semester grades average to a 96%, and from what I can tell from the almighty Google, that's a 4.0)
  • harvest and maintain a positive outlook on life; take active strides to pursue and achieve all goals, big or small 
  • hack on and off property
  • school training level/first level dressage movements; focusing on impulsion, forward movement, clean transitions, shortening and lengthening stride, dabbling in lateral movements, et cetera
  • school a full course; land on leads consistently
  • smooth simple changes
  • attend at least one show
  • attend hunter pace (I've been saying I would do this for the past two years!)


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