Family Tree

My girl's family tree, in photos.

Her sire, One Night Stand (Bentley).  He's been quite successful in the Open Hunters and 1.20m+ jumpers, most recently showing AAs with an amateur.

Bentley's sire, Fantasts (Fanny).  An imported German Warmblood who last competed in the Open Hunters and Jumpers, and has sired countless talented hunters and jumpers.

Bentley's damsire, Buntspecht.  Unfortunately, I never knew him, but he was always a personal favourite from the stories I've heard and the talent he passed on.  He had the highest score at the stallion testing in Belgium in 1984, and some highlights of his career included competing successfully at Spruce Meadows and clearing a 7' Puissance wall at the Royal Winter Fair.

And because it's such a sweet picture, this is Bentley's dam, Vanity Fair (her sire pictured above).

 Some other Vanity Fair offspring.

All Along (Vanity Fair x Almez)

Tigerlily (Vanity Fair x Get Over It)

And now for the dam side!  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of Mexi's dam (Hanna), but here are some offspring out of Hanna's dam, Mary.

Solid Gold (Mary x Fantast)

Price of Thieves (Mary x Buntspecht)

Prince of Thieves

 And finally, Mexi's grandfather on her dam side, Almez.  Another outstanding stallion whose life and career were very tragically ended far too soon, however not before he made a name for himself in the show ring and with his offspring.



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